From Screaming Mom-ster to stress less Mum

A practical 6-stage process to understand and manage your kids, replacing chaos with calm



Who this course is for

Mums (and dads) who want a better way to manage and nurture their kids with less stress!

And to enjoy the parenting journey, with a peaceful and happy home (is this even possible?)

If this is you, this self-paced online course will help cut through the complicated theories and go straight to providing practical and effective strategies to be a confident parent with happy and cooperative kids.

"FANTASTIC course!"

"I met Michelle 3 years ago and was very inspired by her way of guiding her 6 kids. I'm grateful that I managed to attend many of her seminars. Her Screaming Momster to stress less Mum parenting course in particular was a fantastic course. The Hot Seat Q&A was enlightening and crucial in helping us get our concerns addressed and learn from what the other parents are facing as well."

- Selena Wong, mum of 2 children

Parenting was a struggle for me too.

With my first 5 kids, there were daily tantrums, sibling fights and tears. It was exhausting trying to discipline them and I fluctuated between being a chill mum one minute and a monster the next when I lost my cool and yelled at them.

Then I felt guilty.

As they moved into the tween years, it got harder. Soon, I had to deal with 5 teenagers in the house. Bigger issues of strained relationships, rebellion and negative exposure to social media arose.

How I wished there was a magic manual with solutions for every problem that popped up.

I went through everything the hard way through trial and error and made a million mistakes.

After 20 years, I found the solution

I read 1000 parenting books over 20 years (no kidding! I was so desperate for answers), attended countless talks and courses, and explored opposing theories to find those that actually work.

My strategies are research based and backed by science, but I'm not going to bore you with theories. I have done all the work and extracted exactly what you need to parent your kids effectively.

Now I am able to discipline Kate calmly, and there's no yelling, threatening or caning. No drama at all.

She's sensible and thoughtful and makes breakfast for me when she knows I have a stressful day.

She's able to share her feelings, worries and problems with me openly and she is ok when things don't go her way and there's no meltdowns.

She gets her school work done independently, goes to bed on time and helps out around the house without me asking. Such a darling!

After 6 kids, we have finally gotten it right and parenting is indeed a joy.

With my background as an Occupational Therapist and having worked with hundreds of parents, I've distilled the crucial pieces of the puzzle to unlock the best ways to raise kids from toddlers to teens in our Singapore context.

And I hope to share that with you.


"Michelle has a gift of connecting with parents and keeping it real. Her tips are helpful and she gives us easy baby steps to take to become more positive and empowered mums for our kids. I did as Michelle taught us and my boy went off and finished his chores happily and left me to do my work in peace which never happened before! "

- Michelle Ngo, mum of 1

Learn my 6-stage S.T.A.R. System to take you from being a Screaming Mom-ster to a less stress mum

I know you have a lot on your plate and not enough time. I'll let you in on the secrets so that you can STOP the daily struggles and start raising STARS! Sounds good?

Ready to parent with less stress?

No more screaming mom-sters in the house!

1 Course, 6 Modules

I'll handhold you through my S.T.A.R. System which has worked for hundreds of parents like yourselves. Combining latest parenting research and practical strategies, these 6 Modules provide in-depth knowledge to parent kids in today's world.

This course will see you through their toddler, primary school and tween years and set them up with a strong foundation for the teenage battles to come. I promise you that my course will be insightful and empowering, not boring or complicated.


Create Deep Connections that Last

- Deep connection creates happy kids who want to cooperate with mummy and daddy.

- Learn exactly what to say and do to create real connection with your children so it will be a breeze getting them to finish their homework, do as they are asked, and nagging and yelling will be a thing of the past!

- You will have a closer relationship with them and will genuinely enjoy their company.

- Your kids will want to hang out with you and confide in you – even when they are teens!

- The teenage years will be easier to handle and they won't be hiding in their rooms or giving you monosyllabic answers.


Discipline with love

- No more shouting, screaming, punishing, caning or bribing to get them to do what you want them to do.

- No more having to put up with persistent whining or crying or endless negotiations.

- Discover positive methods that actually work. Learn how to guide them with firm boundaries so they are well disciplined and easy to manage.

- Learn to manage your own temper in the heat of the moment! So regretful words don't get exchanged.

- The older they get, the harder it is to discipline them, so wait no longer! Don't wait till the eye rolls, defiance and rebellion starts before you take action.


Emotional Coaching

- We Asians tend to shy away from talking about emotions. But it is a crucial part of parenting because emotions drive everything!

- Master powerful methods to help your kids and YOU be more comfortable addressing emotions like anger, fear, anxiety or disappointment.

- Learn the tools and "magic phrases" to talk to them about their feelings so they don't shut you out of their world.

- Help them to deal with their emotions in healthy ways instead of turning to undesirable outlets like self-harm or unhealthy relationships.


Love them in their Language

- Some kids may look good on the outside but they are very unhappy internally. They feel neglected or unloved even though their parents do so much for them!

- Decipher their primary love language, and maximise the time you spend with your kids so they feel deeply loved by you.

- Learn not to unintentionally cause them deep hurt by going against their love language.


Fulfil their innermost needs

- Every child has unique, deep seated needs that parents may not be aware of (you'll be surprised how important these are!)

- Discover YOUR child's fundamental needs to help them feel secure and thrive.

- Learn how to meet their needs and their negative attention seeking behaviours will disappear!


Build Resilience

- Everyone knows how important resilience is, but it is difficult for children to develop it on their own.

- Learn practical tips to help them rise above their failures and equip them to face challenges which are inevitable in life.

- Guide them to embrace new challenges that look daunting or try new things that they fear.

- Help your child develop a "can-do" attitude today and be confident and self-motivated kids!

About your Coach

Michelle Choy is an Occupational Therapist and Mum of 6 children aged 8 to 22. She is Founder and Director of The Little Executive, a skills studio for children and Award-winning blogger at Mummy Wee blog. She is a Parent Coach and sought-after speaker on Parenting, and thought-leader on education. She has been featured on national TV, radio and print media.

She understands the struggles parents face and shares her wisdom with compassion and empathy. She listens without judgement and makes you feel supported (no mum guilt allowed!) as she guides you to work towards building a close-knit family with happy, confident and well-adjusted children.

Ready to stop the daily struggles?

Learn new strategies that actually work.

Self-paced course

Learn at your own pace, whether you have 10 minutes or an hour to spare each time.

Lifetime access allows you to re-watch whichever lesson you need to as your kids reach the next developmental stage.

Step-by-step lessons

Parenting worksheets

Words of praise from other parents


"As a parent herself, Michelle understands what you are going through and gives practical, down-to-earth advice. She shares her wisdom not merely via textbook style, but from her wealth of experience in raising 6 kids. What you will gain is a real life perspective of parenting that is invaluable."

Mum of 2, Orthodontic Specialist


"Michelle is an engaging and passionate speaker with a deep understanding of the challenges that modern parents face. She inspires by the way she nurtures her 6 children, allowing them the freedom to be who they are while instilling in them a strong moral compass for life and love."

Mum of 3, CNA journalist


"Michelle's course was educational and insightful and I learnt how to improve the way I communicate with my boy and build a stronger bond with him. After the lessons, I can watch the replay and recap the valuable tips covered. I shared these tips with my hubby who found them very useful too and we can parent on the same page. Parenting is challenging and I would definitely recommend this course to all parents as it helps you to understand your children better and have a closer relationship with them."

Jennifer Yeo, Mum of 1, Director, Mrs Singapore Tourism 2012

Usual Price $1440


PLUS 4 EXTRA BONUSES if you are ready to discover the SECRETS now!



1. 3 LIVE Q&A session, 1.5 hours each

2. Choose from weekday night or weekend afternoon

3. Everyone gets a chance to be in the hot seat and get your issues worked through

4. Learn from problems that other parents face


Bonus expires 17 July, 11:59pm

(usual price $360)



1. How and when to introduce the use of digital devices

2. Setting appropriate rules and limits for gadget use

3. How to harness technology positively

4. What are the dangers to look out for


Bonus expires 15 July, 11:59pm

(usual price $120)



1. Discover how to enjoy the parenting journey right now, not years later

2. Self-care tips that work

3. Learn to communicate better with your children and spouse

4. How to be aligned with your spouse even though you have different parenting styles


Bonus expires 13 July, 11:59pm

(usual price $120)



1. Learn easy to implement tips to handle the daily scenarios of bickering in your home

2. Identify the telltale signs of sibling rivalry that may have gone unnoticed and when it crosses the line into more serious issues

2. Discover strategies to foster a close relationship between your children so they build strong bonds and support each other as they grow up

3. Learn the steps to guide them through conflicts


Bonus expires 11 July, 11:59pm

(usual price $120)




"I was at my wits' end with my girl and there were daily shouting episodes. The Hot Seat Q&A taught me so much! In just 3 days, both of us are calmer and the peace is restored in our house. Thank you, Michelle!"

- Lauren Tan, mum of 6

Stress less, enjoy parenting more.

Online course

Lifetime access

Learn at your own pace

Parenting worksheets

Full course materials

Printable cheat sheets

Course modules will be released over 6 weeks, starting 1 August 2021


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Who is this suitable for?

Parents with at least 1 child between the ages of 3-12 years old who want practical tips to stop yelling and punishing their kids. They want to be calm and controlled while raising happy, grateful and all-round successful children. Parents who want to be less stressed raising their kids and want to enjoy the parenting journey.

I have no time for a course!

Parents have found creative ways to listen to my bite sized lessons while driving, cooking or exercising. They gain practical tips which they can implement immediately to create change in their kids. You have lifetime access which means you can re-watch it to refer to the relevant lessons as your children grow up.

Why should I sign up for this course?

We don't think twice about signing our child up for tuition, yet hesitate to get expert coaching for a complicated role like parenting! Personalised advice will help you gain insights and aha-moments quicker and not make mistakes that are hard to undo.

My kids are below 3. Can I join in?

This current intake is tailored to the issues faced by kids 3-12. Simply click on the registration to leave your details and we when my course for aged 0-3 is rolled out, you will get first priority!

Still have questions?

Drop us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Children are gifts.

We owe it to them to parent them well, and let their light SHINE.

No more screaming mom-sters, daily battles and mum guilt, but calm and loving mums and dads.

Let's take the first step for ourselves, for our children.

Michelle, our parenting expert

"I had concerns on how to best manage my child, and Michelle's wise and realistic parenting advice helped shed light on the dynamics of my parent-child relationship. Her advice really helped me better understand my child and it improved our relationship."

- Jamie Lim, mum of 3, CEO of Scanteak

"As a mental health professional myself, I found Michelle's parenting course to be extremely useful in gaining insights into today's children and their issues. Michelle has condensed a wealth of information into bite-sized, actionable plans to help children and parents in all ways possible and I have managed to be less hot-tempered and easily triggered by their behaviour."

- Bing Ling, mum of 2 boys

"I highly recommend Michelle's course as I have benefitted a lot from her tips and her real life experiences to be a better parent myself."

- Serene Seah, mum of 2 and mummy influencer at Xavvylicious

Ready to join me and learn?

Step up and BE the best Parent your children NEED you to be.